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Tedious Website Upkeep

Every website requires upkeep. Website maintenance is what makes sure that your site is fresh, relevant, and that it continues to accurately reflect your brand and its goals. We know that starting a business is difficult. Let us handle the upkeep of your website!

Security and Update Issues

Website maintenance is importance for several reasons, one of which is security purposes. When you keep your website up to date it lessens the risk of your site being exposed to a hacker that could steal your data. Especially if your website is an older one, it is more likely to be hacked simply because the coding is most likely not as secure as the code the would be found in a newer site. The longer you go without keeping up on the maintenance of your website, the more likely you are to experience an issue when you finally do update your website. When updates are completed on a regular schedule, problems with your website become less common.

Backup and New Features

Website maintenance gives you the opportunity to back up your site and its contents. By backing up your site, you don’t have to worry about losing content in case something was to happen and the website needed to be rebuilt. Technology is continuing to move at a fast speed. This includes website technology. With website maintenance, you can utilize the latest and greatest features on your website. By staying on top of the newest features, you are likely going to attract a larger audience because your website will be relevant. A relevant website with fresh content will hold value to your client base. Experimenting with new website features may also give you the inspiration that will lead to new products and services for your customers!

Save Money and Effort

If your website gets hacked or you experience any additional issues that are directly related to a lack of website maintenance, having the issue resolved could cost your company money that could have been saved otherwise. Being proactive makes sure that this type of situation is avoided.


Did you know that Google uses an algorithm that can detect how fresh your website’s content is? While certain customer’s may be unaware that your website is not up to date, search engines can pick up on it. When your website lacks updated content, your ranking will drop, and your visibility will decrease. When a website has not been updated for a significant amount of time, search engines begin to ignore that content due to a lack of relevant keywords. Web Design Las Vegas wants your company to continue to succeed. Our website maintenance service will keep your customers excited about your brand and will allow search engines to give you favorable ratings.


Website maintenance is also beneficial when it comes to keeping links on your website intact. Broken links can surface in result to many things, including small website changes. Staying on top of your website’s maintenance lowers the chances of a broken link occurring and provides the opportunity to address any potential link errors that are apparent on your webpage. Website maintenance for larger sites can be a very time consuming and complicated task. When your site has updated content and features including but not limited to links, pages, colors, graphics, and text your site will stay relevant in search engines and in the minds of your customers. Web Design Las Vegas will regularly maintain your site so that it performs at its highest possible level. Updates increase your search engine visibility and grow your rankings. Website maintenance is affordable and can be done with zero website downtime!

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