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Save Money by Updating Your Site Design

Do you already have a website? Save money by updating it instead of creating a new one! Web Design Las Vegas can have website updates completed in a few short days, in which your website will have very little downtime or no downtime at all. If you are considering website redesign, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind.


  1. How old is your website?

    For your website to be a good candidate for website redesign it must be mobile friendly. This is due to a Google algorithm update that was released in April of 2015. This specific algorithm tests whether a website is mobile friendly or not. This means that your site should be able to be viewed on all mobile devices without an error occurring. There are ways to test to see if your website is in fact compatible with mobile devices. If it is not, then building a new website will be the better option for your company. Most mobile users say that having access to websites across multiple devices is of great importance to them. They also say that if the website fails to load on their devices when they need it, they will leave that site to find something more reliable.

    If you are not happy with the results that your current website is getting, then it is most likely time for an update. You can have a beautiful website but be unhappy with how your site is performing. Before beginning a website redesign process, you should ask your self a few very important questions. How text heavy is your website? If your website is too full of text, that could be hurting you and your exposure. Does your site match your company’s vision? If your website does not seem to accurately align with your brand and its message, that is a sign that your website is ready for a change.

    Landing pages are also of great importance. Do your landing pages have interesting content? Are they visually pleasing? If the answer is no, we are here to freshen up your website! Companies change and evolve over time. If your company website no longer matches the new direction you are going in, you are going to want to adjust your website to reflect your current goals and ambitions. Having a website that is contradictory to what your brand promotes will cause your audience to think that you are not reliable or credible. Another sign that your website is no longer working for you is if it is not user friendly. If navigating your website is confusing, your products and contact information are not up to date, and basic web functions are difficult, we suggest you start the redesign process.

  2. Pictures

    Keeping your website up to date with new images is a great way to make sure you retain the interest of your target audience. Fresh photos also keep you ranked high in search engines. New photos also help show your audience where your brand is at currently. Old photos are not going to express the current goals that your company has. Since most individuals learn visually, updating your images is an amazing idea when it comes to rebranding. If you have gone a significant amount of time without posting new content to your webpage, there is a chance that your marketing goals are no longer the same as they once were. A rebrand may be needed, and we can help with that! Rebranding is more than simply changing your websites layout and colors. A rebrand includes updating the content on your page, visual and text-based, so it matches the current voice and tone of your brand. When those things are consistent, you are back on the right track. For a low cost, Web Design Las Vegas will provide all new images for your website so you can continue to make a lasting impression on your customers!

Save Time

Is your website mobile friendly? If it is, the next thing to consider is the platform that your site was created on. WordPress is one of many different platforms used for website creation, however, it is one of the most commonly used. A WordPress website is one that we consider to be the optimal candidate for our website redesign service. The reason for this is that a WordPress site allows for a quick and easy template purchase that makes redesign simple. As far as pricing goes, website redesign is approximately half the cost of building a brand-new website. We want our clients to utilize our services that makes the most sense for them and their price range. Website redesign might be just what you’re looking for!

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