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Make $ with Your Website

Online shopping continues to thrive, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This trend is what allows companies such as eBay and Amazon to do so well. With the demand for online shopping continuing to grow, if your company has products it would like to sell, this is the perfect time to add a cart to your website!

Web Design Las Vegas has an affordable eCommerce plan which will add a shopping cart to your webpage. You provide the product images, descriptions, prices, and we’ll handle the rest! We want the online shopping experience to be easy for your customers, but we also want the setup process to be easy for you. Our eCommerce plan is offered to our clients as a courtesy. We keep this plan affordable by only charging our raw cost in addition to the purchase of any website.

eCommerce website las vegas

When it comes to adding a shopping cart to your website, there are a few things to be mindful of. A benefit of giving your customers the ability to shop on your website is that they can purchase your products at any time, day or night. Unlike a physical store where purchase times are more limiting, an online store is a place where people can shop regardless of the time and their location. This means that by having a shopping cart on your website, you open the door to having more sales and having your brand reach a wider demographic. Online shopping also gives you the ability to track the purchasing process in an in-depth way. By analyzing and understanding the purchasing process, you can gain a better analysis and overall understanding of your customers and the buying experience. When your customers buy online, they are likely to feel more relaxed and like their shopping was convenient for them. If you provide a stress-free way for your clients to shop and interact with your brand, they are more likely to return in the future. Maintaining an online shop is also going to be less expensive for your company than having a physical shop. In fact, maintaining an online shop has been shown to be as low as a fraction of the price of a physical shop. When you have an online shop, you have more flexibility. For example, with an online shop, things such as changing the price of an item and having a sale become easier because the information can be updated immediately directly on the website.

  • Picture size

    Ensuring that your product photos are similar in size adds consistency to your website and is visually pleasing. Adobe Lightroom is a great tool to use that makes resizing images quick and easy. Simply upload all your images in a batch. Once they have been uploaded, it only takes a few clicks to adjust the size of all the images. This keeps your photos looking clean and uniform.

  • Picture Quality

    Picture quality is highly important because the images you choose to add to your website reflects your brand. If your images are poor, it might be difficult to gain new customers, and your existing customers might not maintain their level of interest. High quality images add to your company’s professionalism and give your customer’s buying confidence. Presentation truly is everything. We recommend using a professional photographer for that reason. We offer photography services and even have financing options. Feel free to ask us for more details!

  • Price Point

    When adding a shopping cart to your website, it is of great importance that you are strategic about setting price points for your products. You might be wondering how to go about the pricing process. Using a search engine, research your competitors and what they charge for similar products. In your search, be sure that it reflects the location that you are in, so you are not comparing yourself to national competitors. By keeping your search local, you’ll gain a better understanding of what price ranges are appropriate given your specific geographic location and the product you are selling.

  •  Branding

    Making your company easily recognizable is one of the best ways to ensure continued business from your customers. Building a consistent brand is also what strikes the interest of new customers. By incorporating a logo, pictures, and products that promote your company’s message and show your brand’s personality you build meaningful relationships with your target audience. Those relationships are ultimately what keep your business going. Your customers should view your brand as dependable and familiar to them. When your brand is easily identifiable you invest in your company’s future by establishing a level of trust with your customers. We offer branding and logo services to make this easy for you!

If you have any questions, our team is here to answer them! You can reach us at (800) 347-3932. We look forward to your call!

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